Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Ditsa Ojha Sinha

As the founder of Aakar Architects, Ditsa Ojha Sinha, has built a reputation as a trusted collaborator for leading architecture firms who need flexibility to expand their architecture services. She has also established Aakar as a full-service architecture firm for homeowners, builders and designers looking for the highest quality architectural work that is personalized for their taste and budget. Ditsa has more than 20 years of professional architectural experience and is licensed in the State of Colorado, Texas and Montana. She has been actively involved in projects spanning in scope from large event centers to smaller interior home remodels. Her specialties are new construction, interiors, and architectural renovations and additions. Ditsa received her Bachelor's in Architecture form the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai, India and her Master's in Architecture at the University of Colorado at Denver. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Karen Sund

Karen Sund is Senior Project Manager at Aakar Architects. She has sixteen years of professional architectural experience and is well-versed in both commercial and residential architecture. She is experienced at wood frame, steel frame, pre-cast and reinforced concrete construction, She is a highly experienced Revit user. She is an expert at managing projects from conception to completion — always making sure each project is delivered on time and on budget. Karen received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Nebraska.


Major Clients

• IA- Interior Architects

• Sink, Comb, Dethlefs

• SEM Architects

• SlaterPaull Architects

• Anderson Hallas Architects

• Alan Ford Architects

• Hutton Architecture Studio

• BOX Studio

• ELSY Studio

• Essenza Architecture

• Pelsue Architecture

• Russell and Davis

• Janet L. Sutterley Architects

• Pared Down Design

• Naka Designs

• Locus Designs

• Randal Freisen Architecture

• Jigsaw Design

• Andrews Architecture

• LaFarge Architects

• Godwin Architecture

• MEP Engineering

• Security Install Systems

• Troy Valdez Construction

• Dreams Construction

• Hyder Construction

• Burkett Design

• Infusion Architects

• Touch-Arch Architects

• Genesis Group

• Studio Janak

• SEE Architecture