"When we were looking for drafting support, we had the challenge of finding a team that was as meticulous as we are about our drawings. Aakar Architects was the perfect team to help provide the level of detail we were looking for. We switched to working with Revit this last year and Aakar played a key role in creating our templates to get us up and running quickly. they made our transition from AutoCad Architecture to Revit much easier and saved many hours of our time. In addition to being a great drafting team, Aakar is able to provide more in-depth reviews since the owner, Ditsa Sinha, is a licensed architect. Most architectural support firms cannot offer that level of expertise and that is why Aakar ranks at the top of our list."

Christa Plaza, Principal
Essenza Architecture

"The work (we engaged Aakar to do) was fairly complex and required deep understanding of the City code requirements. Aakar provided this service with personal attention every step of the way, resulting in successfully obtaining the change of use permit and the building permit. Your expertise helped convince the City reviewers on the cost-effective measures that will save the Institute a substantial amount of money in construction... We want to thank you for your professional service on this project and your personal attention throughout the process."

Suresh A Kodolikar, President
Kriya Yoga Institute, Inc.

"Aakar Architects has been instrumental in jump starting several of our projects with thorough and well-detailed as-builts that allowed us to move seamlessly into design.  Their professionalism, schedule and quality management is terrific and they’re always a pleasure to work with.  We highly recommend them and we know there will be future opportunities with our firm as well."

Nanon Adair Anderson, Principal
Anderson Hallas Architects

"SLATERPAULL|HCM has enjoyed working with Ditsa and her team because they have a detail oriented process that focuses on clear communication and a dedication to excellence.  Aaker has helped us model many existing buildings allowing our team to focus on design solutions for our clients.  We appreciate Aakar’s “can do” attitude and working with Ditsa has always been a very positive experience."

Jennifer K Cordes, Principal
SLATERPAULL | Hord Coplan Macht   

"I was in great need of drafting assistance this winter and Aakar Architects came highly recommended from Monroe Newell Engineering. I was hesitant at first because of the complexity of the residence which was ready for production . Upon receiving the first pass I was not only impressed with the level of comprehension but also the thoroughness of the drawings. This put me totally at ease for the duration of the project. All deadlines were met and the finished project exceeded my expectations. I will most definitely be using Aakar architects on future projects."

Janet L Sutterly
J.L. Sutterley, Architect   

"I have worked with Aakar architects on a variety of commercial and institutional projects dating back to 2005. They are consistently prompt when dealing with issues and have always met project deadlines with quality service and documents"

Alan Ford, Principal
Alan Ford Architects   

"I have most recently worked with Aakar Architects on a $32 million-dollar sports arena in Conway, South Carolina. The project has had several stops and starts and the usual 9th hour owner changes and re-dos to get back in budget. I can honestly say we couldn’t have done it without them. Being able to call on a staff of architectural drafters at a moments notice is a rare luxury in our office of thirty-five. My project has been a big success, and the whole office is running better because we don’t have to pull people off of other projects to meet a sudden, urgent demand on mine."

Ernest Joyner, AIA, Associate/Project Manager
Sink Combs Dethlefs   

"IA is very pleased with Aakar Architects and their support systems for outsourcing architectural services.  We have worked successfully with them in all phases of the project process.  Their turn around time schedule and flexibility are appreciated and exemplary.  We look forward to a long term relationship with Ditsa and her team."

Larry King, Principal
IA Interior Architects 

"Ditsa's greatest attribute is her ability to listen to your ideas, and then apply her expertise in bringing them to life, and often improving on them. She was very hands-on in working with our builder and his subs in overseeing our office remodel. She always delivered drawings and proposals in a timely manner. All of our staff enjoyed working with Ditsa."

Mark Inboden, CEO
Utility Control & Equipment Corporation   

Ditsa and her team were instrumental in helping us develop and depict the very complicated building envelope details for the Science Pyramid at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  This project required constant interaction with the designers, façade consultant and the builder.  AAKAR kept their focus and approached the project with reason and practicality that created clear construction details.  There were no typical details on the Science Pyramid; nothing to duplicate and draw from past experience.  They supported this very complex detailing effort, which had never been attempted previously.

Barton Harris, AIA

"We have found Aakar to be an effective extension of our resources, and their work has allowed us to increase our productivity."

Bruce McClennan, Principal
SEM Architects